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Release Notes

June 1, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Built iOS apps now positioned better relative to device notch area
  • Improve appearance of projects page at
Component Updates
  • โ€‹Bottom Tab Navigator: Remove unwanted white space underneath navigator on iOS
  • โ€‹Stack Navigator: Fix 'Header Mode: None' on web apps
  • โ€‹Groups: Can now be positioned relative to device
  • โ€‹Lottie Animation: Show message if invalid file type uploaded to component
  • โ€‹Label: Fix Label.Click block
  • โ€‹Label: Fix Number of Lines property
  • โ€‹AdMob: Fix error shown in console when mouse hovers over AdMob Banner in Design tab
New Components
  • โ€‹Camera: Upload Video from photo library

May 31, 2022


May 25, 2022


May 14, 2022


May 13, 2022

  • โ€‹Groups: Allow custom touch opacity

May 6, 2022


May 2, 2022

New Components

April 27, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Fixes to UI inconsistencies
New Components
Component Updates
  • Switch: Improve positioning on Thunkable Live companion app
  • Screen: Add Computed Height and Computed Width blocks
  • Groups: Add relative positioning for child components
  • Firebase Sign In: Added Delete User block
  • Visible Components: Fix unintended shadows/borders

March 11, 2022

New Components

March 3, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Add 'Published as Web App' as filter on project home screen
Component Updates
  • Fix z-index for Video player on web
  • Improve scrolling for non-editable Text Input
  • Improve Text Input autofocus on web

February 24, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Improvements to location of pasted blocks in Firefox browser
  • Reduce iOS build time from 40 minutes to 20 minutes
Component Updates
  • Upgrade Airtable version to 0.7.2
  • Fix Airtable handling of zero values
  • Improve behavior of 'when Screen Opens' block on screens with Loading Icon

February 17, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Improvements to appearance of projects on larger screens

February 15, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Reduce build times for iOS apps from 40 minutes to 20 minutes

February 7, 2022

Platform Updates
  • DND UI: improvements to relative positioning
  • Updates to rendering fonts on the web
  • Blocks: Blocks that have been copied and pasted will always be pasted within view
  • Android Build Server: Escape Maps and AdMob API keys to improve Android build process
Component Updates
  • Canvas: Improvements to Canvas as rendered in the Design tab
  • Web Viewer: Improvements to showing offline HTML files

February 4, 2022

Component Updates
  • Web Viewer: Updates to requesting end user permission

February 3, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Upgraded to Expo 43โ€‹
  • Thunkable Live App: UI updates
  • Thunkable Live: Reset app testing local storage when local data source is updated
  • Figma: Import assets as regular Thunkable assets
  • For components with text, ensured default text color is consistent across Android, iOS and Web
  • DND UI: X/Y properties are relative to the container
Component Updates
  • Data Sources: Added rename button for local Data Sources
  • Data Viewer Grid: Added horizontal scroll
  • Labels: Improvements to appearance on wider screens
  • Image: Enable rendering of SVG image files
  • Button: Added ability to set properties when Button is part of a custom Data Viewer List
  • Video: Editing properties of hidden video player no longer crashes the app
  • Canvas: Improved appearance when height is relative or absolute value
  • Canvas: Fixed 'next sprite image number' block
  • Map: Width of marker description box better fits descriptions of different lengths

January 31, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Improvements to layout of permissions in project settings panel

January 28, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Fix titles of imported Figma screens
  • Rename saved screen and its children if Screen/components with these names already exist in the project

January 24, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Improve performance of blocks tab
  • Reduce how frequently creators need to sign in again
Component Updates
  • Video: Improvements to play/stop blocks performance

January 21, 2022

Platform Updates
  • โ€‹Figma Import: Improvements to screen and artboard naming
  • Fix behavior where deleting all screens in a project caused the browser screen to go blank
Component Updates
  • Data Viewer: Move 'empty string' property to bottom of main properties panel
  • Label: Add default border styles
  • Push Notifications: Location Permissions now cross-platform (were previously Android-only)
  • Video Player: Update to give end user more control over video playback

January 14, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Update scrollbar width for consistency across platforms
  • Update how long component names are handled
Component Updates
  • Text input: Added support for changing hint text color on web

January 13, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Improve appearance of imported Figma files when project is in read-only mode
Component Updates
  • Web Viewer: Add tracking permissions
  • Web Viewer: Performance Improvements

January 12, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Fixed behavior where some data sources could not be deleted

January 7, 2022

Platform Updates
  • Fixed date and time on 'Copy from My Screens' modal