Release Notes

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January 26, 2023

Component Updates

January 24, 2023

Platform Updates
  • Additions to automated testing done on backend

January 20, 2023

Platform Updates
  • Move chat option to top navigation bar
  • Fix alignment of featured projects at bottom of screen
Component Updates

January 18, 2023

Platform Updates
  • Backend infrastructure upgrades
  • Improve user experience when sharing project that connects to online data source (eg. using API keys) with non-owner of data source
  • Improve fetching account permissions when opening projects
Component Updates

January 13, 2023

Platform Updates
  • Improve build times for Android APK files by reducting background processes

January 6, 2023

Platform Updates
  • Improvements to integration with Clever
  • Remove unnecessary packages from backend to deliver faster performance

January 5, 2023

Platform Updates
  • Android: Gracefully handle error when app tries to get indexed item of null list
New Components
Component Updates
  • Map: New Map placeholder on web
  • PDF Reader: New PDF Reader placeholder on web
  • Video: Improve handling of video assets with whitespace character in filename
  • Video: Improve appearance of video player on web when autoplay property is true

January 4, 2023

Component Updates
  • Sound: Fix for changing Sound volume with blocks when Web Previewing a Snap-to-Place project