Simple List Component


Simple lists are used to organize and display information in an easy-to-read format. They help present data or options in a structured manner, making it convenient for users to scan through and find what they need quickly. Think of a list as a tidy way to show items like contacts, tasks, or menu options, saving space and making navigation smoother within an app.


You can customize the Simple List with the following properties:

Simple List

PropertyDescriptionData Type

Text Items

Set text items of Simple List

List of text items


Set font color of Text Items


Background Color (text items)

Set background color for the items in the Simple List


Font Size

Set font size of Text Items


Show Arrow

Toggle whether arrow is shown beside text items


Advanced Properties

PropertyDescriptionData Type

Writing Direction (iOS and web app only)

Set writing direction of text items

Select from list [auto, ltr, rtl]

Background Color (container)

Set the background color of the Simple List container.



PropertyDescriptionData Type


Set the location of your Simple List on the X-axis in pixels



Set the location of your Simple List on the Y-axis in pixels



Set the Height of your Simple List in pixels



Set the Width of your Simple List in pixels


Resize Mode

Define dimensions of the Simple List component/container

Select from list [Stretch, Float in Place]


PropertyDescriptionData Type


Toggle whether your end users can see the Simple List


Border Style

Set style of Simple List's border

Select from list [solid, dotted, dashed]

Border Color

Set color of Simple List's border


Border Width

Set width of Simple List's border in pixels


Border Radius

Set radius of corners for Simple List's border in pixels


Shadow Color

Color of Simple List's shadow


Shadow Opacity

Opacity of Simple List's shadow

Number between 0 and 100

Shadow Radius

Radius of corners of Simple List's shadow in pixels


Shadow Offset

How far Simple List's shadow should be offset, in Height and Width, in pixels


Simple List Blocks

To access the blocks specific to the simple list component:

  1. On the Design tab, add a Simple List component to a screen.

  2. Navigate to the Blocks tab.

  3. In the component tree on the left, click the name of the simple list component.

  4. A drawer of simple list-specific blocks opens.

Event Block

When Simple List Item Click

This event fires and performs an action when the user clicks on an item within a simple list component.


NameDescriptionData Type


Text of selected item



Position of item in simple list (starting with 1)


Properties Blocks

There are two types of property blocks: dark green "set" and light green "get" blocks. The specific blocks available vary according to the UI component.

The dark green set blocks allow you to change the component's properties using blocks. For example, if you don't want a group component to be enabled for a user until they've typed a set number of characters into a text input component, you can use the group's dark green set group's disabled status block.

The light green get blocks allow you to access the properties of a component (e.g. color, font, width, text, etc.).

Sample Blocks Combinations: Set Simple List's Text Items to

There are various ways you can define the items in a list using blocks. Using the "set simple list's text items to" block, you can:

  • Type each list item.

  • Make the list from a string of text.

  • Pull list items from a column of a connected data source. This method allows you to create a dynamic simple list where the information displayed to the user changes whenever you change your cloud-based data in the data source.

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