Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts improve efficiency by enabling faster task execution, boosting productivity, and streamlining workflows. There are keyboard shortcuts available for the Thunkable Design Tab and Blocks Tab.

Design Tab

Blocks Tab

Keyboard Shortcuts

Expected Behavior
Design Tab
Blocks Tab
Toggle between the Design and Blocks tabs.
Web Preview. Equivalent to clicking the Web Preview icon.
When in Web Preview, the equivalent of clicking Back to editing.
Access the Designer's Focus tool.
Press and hold spacebar + drag cursor
Mac touchpad:
Press and hold spacebar + two-finger move cursor
Pan around the screen.
Note: The cursor must remain in the screen area in order to continue panning.
⌘ + C
Copy screens, components, and blocks.
⌘ + V
Paste copied screens, components, and blocks.
Arrow keys
Move the selected UI component—small nudge.
Shift + arrow keys
Move the selected UI component—larger nudge.
“⌘” should be replaced with “Ctrl” for non-macOS environments.