Charting in Thunkable

Setting URL Parameters in Thunkable

Now that we know what URL parameters are, we can start creating blocks in our project to dynamically update the parameters. To do this we'll use the Text blocks, and in particular the Join block, to change out each of our variables.


To recreate the UI for this app you can add an image and a button - click on the remix button to add the UI and blocks for this project to your Thunkable account.

Block it Out

Drag an image component onto the screen. The chart URL will be used as the image source. The URL should be set in your blocks unless you plan to have a static chart image, in which case you may set the image source on the design screen.

  • Drag an image component to the screen

  • Go to your blocks

  • Following some user or system generated action, set the url for the image component using the Quickchart API base URL provided while saving your chart

  • All chart updates will be made by appending text join blocks to the image source URL.

Use the no-code chart API

Currently, three aspects of your chart can be overriden with custom values:

  1. Chart title

  2. Dataset labels

  3. Data

These customizations are passed as URL parameters. For example, to override chart title, take the base URL and add the following:

?title=New title

You can join URL parameters together using the & symbol. For example:

?title=New title&labels=Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4

To override data, use data1, data2, data3, …, for each dataset on the chart.

For example, to override the first (primary) dataset:


To override multiple datasets and the chart title:

?data1=40,60,80,100&data2=5,6,7,8&title=Updated chart

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