Logic Blocks


Logic blocks are often paired with control blocks to allow you to create conditional statements, control program flow, and execute specific actions based on predefined conditions. They're fundamental in creating interactive and responsive apps by allowing the block to respond dynamically to different scenarios or inputs.

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Comparison Blocks

Comparison blocks compare two values and return true or false based on whether or not the condition is met. They are often paired with "if, do" blocks that execute a defined action based on the comparison's true or false status.

And/Or Blocks

The "and" and "or" blocks allow you to compare multiple conditions.

The "and" block returns true if both statements are true, false otherwise.

The "or" block returns true if either statement is true and false if neither statement is true.


The "not" block inverts the value of a true/false statement. It can also be used to check if a value is not null.


The "true," "false," and "null" value blocks are often used in conjunction with the other logic blocks. They can also be used to set the value of a variable.

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