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You can find your projects page at This is the first page you see when you sign in.

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Search projects

Use the search bar to search for specific projects by name.

Filter by

Filter your projects by: - Public - Private (Only available for Creators on certain Thunkable plans. To learn more about our plans, please visit our pricing page.) - Published - Not Published

Sort by

Sort your projects by: - Name (ascending or descending) - Date modified (ascending or descending)

Gird or list view

View your projects as a grid or a list using the icons in the upper right.

Project Menu

Clicking the vertical ellipsis associated with a project reveals its project menu.

Project Detail Page

On the Project Detail Page, you can test out your app, similar to when it has been published as a mobile web app. Your project will be shown in your chosen Default App Layout.

You can also view information about the project, such as its name, creator, project size, and how many times it has been remixed or favorited.

If another Creator has shared a Project Detail Page with you or you're viewing a Sample Project's Project Detail Page, you can click Copy Project in the upper right-hand corner to make a copy in your account.

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