Drawer Navigator

Navigate to different screens using a clickable drawer that slides out from the side.

Video Tutorial

How to Use the Thunkable Drawer Navigator

In this tutorial, we'll explore the benefits of using a drawer navigator and provide step-by-step instructions on implementation.

Add a Navigator

To add a navigator to your app, click Screens + at the top of your component tree. Select Add Navigator and select the Navigator you want to add.

Add Screens to the Drawer Navigator

Within the component tree, drag and drop screens to nest them under the Drawer Navigator component.

Screen-Specific Drawer Navigator Properties

Once a screen has been added to the drawer navigator, a new section in the screen's properties panel, Drawer Navigation Options, becomes available. This is where you define the screen's label that displays in the user's drawer navigator.

Drawer Navigator Properties

You have many options for styling your Drawer Navigator, such as changing the background color or tint color. Here are the different options for customization:
Data Type
Drawer Width
The width of the drawer in pixels. By default, this is 280 pixels for phones and 320 pixels for tablets.
Drawer Position
The position the Drawer enters the screen from.
Select from menu (left or right)
Active Tint Color
Text color of selected drawer.
Active Background Color
Background color of selected drawer.
Inactive Tint Color
Text color for unselected drawers.
Inactive Background Color
Background color for unselected drawers.