PDF Reader Component


The PDF reader component lets users view and pinch to zoom PDF documents within the app interface. It serves as a tool for displaying various types of content, such as reports, forms, contracts, or educational materials.


PDF Reader

PropertyDescriptionData Type


PDF to be displayed in the PDF reader

PDF file or URL ending in .pdf

There are two ways to set a file to display in the PDF reader.

  • Upload PDF File You can upload a PDF file as an asset in your project. If you opt for this option, be mindful of the Thunkable 50 MB app size limit.

  • Enter PDF URL Enter the URL of the PDF you want to show in your project. The link must end in .pdf.


PropertyDescriptionData Type


The location of the top left corner of the PDF reader on the X-axis, where the left-hand side is X=0.



The location of the top left corner of the PDF reader on the Y-axis, where the top side is Y=0.



Height of PDF reader in pixels.



Width of PDF reader in pixels.


Resize Mode

Define dimensions of the PDF reader component.

Select from list [Stretch, Float in Place]

PDF Reader Blocks

Properties Blocks

There are two types of property blocks: dark green "set" and light green "get" blocks. The specific blocks available vary according to the UI component.

The dark green set blocks allow you to change the component's properties using blocks. For example, if you don't want a button to be enabled for a user until they've typed a set number of characters into a text input component, you can use the button's dark green set button's disabled status block.

The light green get blocks allow you to access the properties of a component (e.g. color, font, width, text, etc.).

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