Bugs and Product Feedback

Bugs are features or functionality on our platform that don't work as expected. Product Feedback is input shared about a use case or capability you would like to have that isn't currently available in Thunkable.

We value your feedback! While we cannot implement every request, and sometimes bugs take longer than we’d all like to get resolved, the input we receive from our amazing community of Creators plays a key role in our product roadmap decisions and ongoing platform improvements.

In an effort to consolidate feedback and reported bugs as much as possible, we are sunsetting the “Issues” section of our GitHub account, and asking Creators to continue posting in the Community (note: please check to see if your request or issue has already been submitted before making a new post):

  • Share product feedback using the Feedback category

    Please share as much detail as possible about your use case and what challenges you've experienced. This will help consider the best possible solutions for all Creators!

  • Report bugs using the Issues/Bugs category;

    • If you’re on a Pro plan or above, you can also report bugs through the Support option when you’re on a Project page in Thunkable

    Please describe the issue you're experiencing in as much detail as possible and the steps you took before hitting the issue. Share project copy links and/or screenshots if possible.

If you have previously submitted issues and/or commented on submitted issues on Thunkable's Github account, please know that our Product team has reviewed and considered these submissions, and we greatly appreciate your feedback!

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