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Use the Assets Panel to upload, rename and manage all of the assets you've uploaded to your project. You can also manage Figma files within this panel. To learn more about how to use the Figma upload feature, check it out here.

Account Storage Limits

Each plan has a limited account storage capacity.
You can view your total account storage size in your account settings.

App Limits

App size
50 MB

Uploading & Managing Assets

Assets can be uploaded from multiple parts of Thunkable, however, with limited storage capacity, it's best to delete assets that aren't being used. To access your assets, click the Assets button on the left panel.
We recommend that each of your asset files not exceed 50KB -100KB. Using smaller file sizes in your project will result in faster loading times for your users.

Naming Assets

We recommend using a consistent naming method for your assets. This will make it easier to manage them if you use many asset files in your project.
Here are two naming methods we recommend:
  1. 1.
    Snake Case - each space is replaced by an underscore (_) character, and the first letter of each word written in lowercase.
    • example_one.png
    • here_is_another_example.html
  2. 2.
    Camel Case - writing phrases without spaces or punctuation, indicating the separation of words with a single capitalized letter, and the first word starting with either case.
    • exampleOne.png
    • hereIsAnotherExample.html
Use only alphanumeric characters and underscores in your asset names. Avoid other special characters and whitespace characters (" ") in your file names as these can cause problems with your project.
You can manage your files directly in the Assets panel on the left, or click the plus icon next to the Media Files header to open the Media Files modal and manage them there.

How much space am I using?

Check the size of an individual project by visiting the project details page.
To check how much space you're using for all of your projects and assets, go to your account Settings page.