Switch Component


The switch component is a two-state toggle that allows users to select between two options. It is commonly used in selecting on/off for things like sound, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.




Switch Blocks

To access the blocks specific to the switch component:

  1. On the Design tab, add a Switch component to a screen.

  2. Navigate to the Blocks tab.

  3. In the component tree on the left, click the name of the switch component.

  4. A drawer of switch-specific blocks opens.

Event Blocks

When Switch On Value Change

This event fires every time the switch is clicked.


  • newValue - returns the new value of the switch (true or false) each time the switch is clicked.

Properties Blocks

There are two types of property blocks: dark green "set" and light green "get" blocks. The specific blocks available vary according to the UI component.

The dark green set blocks allow you to change the component's properties using blocks. For example, if you don't want a group component to be enabled for a user until they've typed a set number of characters into a text input component, you can use the group's dark green set group's disabled status block.

The light green get blocks allow you to access the properties of a component (e.g. color, font, width, text, etc.).

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