Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Thunkable! If you're looking for a short guide on how to get started building your first app with Thunkable, you're in the right place!

Just follow these simple steps, and you'll be on your way to publishing your app in no time:

1. Sign in to Thunkable

You can sign up and sign in to Thunkable using your Google account, Apple ID, or email address. To learn more about signing up or signing in to Thunkable, see this doc:

pageThunkable Account

2. Check out the Thunkable Education Resources

We encourage you to check out our Thunkable Education resources to familiarize yourself with the platform and expedite the time it takes you to build your first Thunkable app.

Thunkable Academy is Thunkable's self-paced learning environment. With videos that cover the basics and best practices to start, and more advanced content coming soon, Thunkable Academy is designed to help you quickly and effectively create your own custom, native mobile applications.

We have a library of short instructional videos available on YouTube.

3. Design Your App

Designing the visual aspect of your app is accomplished with screens, user interface (UI) components, and navigators. You can combine, style and customize them to give your app personality and style that best suits your brand.​

To learn more about designing your app, see these docs:

pageUser Interface (UI) ComponentspageNavigators

4. Build Your App's Functionality with Blocks

Thunkable blocks are visual representations of code, which are far less abstract than traditional code. There is no need to learn, remember, and type complex code statements. Instead, with Thunkable, you have a library of pre-defined blocks to choose from, and how you connect the blocks defines how your app behaves.

To learn more about building your app's functionality with blocks, see these docs:

pageCore BlockspageApp Features BlockspageAdvanced Blocks

5. Preview and Test Your App

There are two ways to test and preview your Thunkable app: Web Preview in your computer's browser or on your mobile device with the Thunkable Live app. These allow you to preview your app's design and test its functionality in real-time.

To learn more about previewing and testing your app, see these docs:

pagePreview and Test your App

6. Engage with the Thunkable Community

The Thunkable Community is a wonderful community of Thunkers dedicated to building the best apps possible and sharing their expertise with the world! Here, you can search for answers, browse questions asked by others, participate in the conversation, and post your own questions for the Community to answer.

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