Answers to some of the most asked questions from the Thunkable community

Account Questions

How much does it cost to use Thunkable?

Thunkable is free to use to create public projects.

We offer paid plans for individuals and businesses looking for extra features to meet their needs. Learn more about our paid plans here.

Project Questions

What does it mean if my project is public or private?

Public projects are included in the Thunkable Public Gallery for anyone to preview and remix. Private projects are not included in the Thunkable Gallery and are for your eyes only.

Private projects can only be shared with other Pro users. Please note: If you share your project with another Pro user, they have the ability to make the project public.

How do I save my project?

Thunkable projects are saved automatically. If you wish to create a snapshot of your app at a certain point in time, you can save a version of it. More information is available here: Versioning.

Why is my project locked from editing?

Sometimes, we need to lock access to projects to prevent unsaved changes and hours of lost work. We try to save your project frequently to avoid any loss of work. You will see the above error message and be unable to modify your project after four consecutive changes have occurred in your project without verification from our servers that a save has occurred. โ€‹ There are various potential reasons for this to occur, such as poor internet connection on your end or connection issues between the builder and our backend that stores your projects. No matter the specific reason, your response should stay the same.

What should I do?

  1. Wait for the message to go away for up to 5 minutes.

    1. Go grab a glass of water or enjoy a few brisk laps around your living/work space.

    2. We will work to regain the connection once it's been lost. The lock will revert as soon as we regain a connection.

  2. If the message has not gone away within 5 minutes, open a new tab, navigate to x.thunkable.com/projects, and open the project you were working on.


    2. If your project opened, return to the first tab.

      1. If the lock message remains, close tab 1, continue in tab 2, and contact creator success.

    3. If your project didn't open, there may be a larger connectivity issue.

      1. Please contact creator success.

  3. If you've opened another tab and you don't have any connection to the internet, please keep the tab open until you regain internet connection and check the tab again at that time.

    1. If the lock still hasn't gone away, you should refresh the tab. In cases of poor connection, we can't guarantee all changes will be preserved.

How can I do a hard refresh on my browser?

Also known as a "force reload" or a "force refresh," you can use a hard refresh of your browser to ensure you are on the latest version of Thunkable.


The keyboard shortcut to hard refresh your browser is Ctrl + F5. Your screen will blink momentarily. If this does not work for you, try clearing your browser cache.


On a Mac computer, you can use the Option + Cmd + R shortcut to force your browser to refresh. If this does not work for you, try clearing your browser cache.

Integration Questions

What integrations are available with Thunkable?


Thunkable offers built-in integrations with other online services, as well as the opportunity to connect to a wide world of external online services using the Web API feature. Some of our integrations are listed below.

Animations from Lottie

The animation component powered by Lottie makes adding animations as easy as adding images. For designers, animations can be created in Adobe After Effects or Haiku and imported as a .json file.

For the rest of us, there is a large and growing community of designers who have created free and editable animations that you can easily add to your app.

Data Sources

The Data Sources blocks allow you to perform a variety of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on records you have stored in Airtable, Google Sheets, Webflow, or Local Tables.


Thunkers with Pro, Business or Enterprise plans can show ads from AdMob in their downloaded and published apps. This is subject to approval by Thunkable and AdMob.

Translation from Yandex

Translate a string of text between two languages. Any language code from this list can be used. This block can be found in the Speech drawer of blocks.

Image Recognition from Microsoft Azure

This block will generate a written description of an image. It can be found in the Camera drawer of blocks.

Media Storage from Cloudinary

Save media to the cloud using Cloudinary. This block can be found in the Camera drawer of blocks. You can connect your own Cloudinary account to your Thunkable project.

Cloud Storage with Firebase

As well as using online Data Sources, you can use Cloud Variables which are supported by Firebase to save your data to the cloud.

Email Sign In from Firebase

You can use our Sign In feature which integrates with Firebase to manage user accounts.

Push Notifications from OneSignal

Thunkers with Pro, Business or Enterprise plans can add push notifications supported by OneSignal to their project.

Bluetooth Low Energy

The Bluetooth low energy component can allow your app to communicate with other devices wirelessly.


Great data is an essential part of many apps built today, and the Web API feature enables apps to retrieve data from any public or private API (application programming interface) service on the web.

In-App Purchases with RevenueCat

Thunkers with Pro, Business or Enterprise plans can add in-app purchases (IAP) supported by RevenueCat to their project.

Can I import an .aia file?

No, .aia files are not compatible with Thunkable.

Can I connect to an SQL database?

There is not a direct integration with an SQL server, however, it is possible to use the web API feature to connect with an SQL database.

To do this, you need to build a RESTful API that allows you to communicate with the Database Server using HTTP requests and receive a response in JSON format.

We recommend reading this helpful blog post by Microsoft on this topic. It also includes a short tutorial on creating such an API with Node.js.

Can I upload an extension to my app project?

No, uploading extensions built for other platforms to Thunkable is not supported.

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