Here are some of the most common issues that our users are running into:

Live Test

Issue: You see a blank / white screen when you live test (even if there are items in your app)

  • If you have a Navigator as the first item in your tree, make sure your screen is dropped within it

  • Your have unconnected blocks

  • You have an event triggered by a Screen.Start which may be causing the screen to crash

  • Your app and desktop may not be logged into the same account

Issue: Image is not showing up on your phone

  • The height or width of the image may be set to 'Fit contents'

Download Android

Issue: Trouble downloading AAB and APK files from Google Chrome

  • The Google Chrome browser blocks downloads for your safety. If you open the email with a download link for your APK or AAB file in Google Chrome, you may not be able to download your file. You can try one of these options:

    1. Open the email in another browser, like Firefox or Safari, and download the file.

    2. Change your Google Chrome settings to allow you to download files. You can find instructions to do this here. Please note that changing your browser security settings can make you more vulnerable as you use the web, and Google Chrome does not recommend disabling this setting.

Publish iOS

Issue: You don't see your app uploaded to App Store Connect

  • Icons. Ensure your icon is 192 x 192 px and has no transparencies.

  • Membership. You require an active Apple Developer Program Membership to publish to the App Store.

  • Certificates. If you have an existing Apple Developer Program account with 2 iOS certificates, you'll have to revoke one. Apple only allows developers to have 2 iOS certificates at a time, and Thunkable creates one when it publishes to your account

  • Provisioning profile. After you revoke your certificate, it is possible that one or more of your provisioning profiles will become inactive. To publish successfully, you need to delete any inactive provisioning profiles.

  • Login. Ensure your Apple ID and password are entered correctly. Thunkable cannot access your credentials, so save them somewhere safe.

  • Apple ID and privacy terms. You must accept Apple's new Apple ID and privacy terms.


Issue: You cannot update an existing app on the Google Play Store

  • If you want to update an existing app on the Google Play Store, your app will need to have:

    • the same package name

    • a higher or incremented version number

    • the same keystore

  • The first two are easily editable in your App Settings, but the keystore cannot be imported/exported.

  • Copied apps within an account (Duplicate Your Project) will keep the same keystore as the original app. Apps copied from a Share link will not have the same Keystore.

Data Sources

How can I reset my Google Sheets connection in Thunkable?

A. Reset from Thunkable

  1. Login to your Thunkable account.

  2. On your Projects Page, click Data Sources in the left sidebar.

  3. Click the trash can icon to delete the Google Sheets data source.

B. Reset from Google

If you are having difficulties connecting to your Google Sheets from Thunkable, you may need to reset your Google Sheets connection.

  1. Scroll to the Your connections to third-party apps & services section.

  2. Click the Thunkable connection.

  3. Click See details in the Thunkable has some access to your Google Account section.

  4. Click Remove Access.

  5. Return to Thunkable and re-connect to your Google Sheets account.

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