Create a List

You can create a list of variable lengths with the blocks below

This block lets you create a list from text and even lets you set delimiters i.e. ","

Sort List

If you are importing a list from a Spreadsheet or other data source, it may be helpful to sort it in your app. You can sort a list alphabetically or numerically, ascending or descending


Select from a List

Items in a list have an index number, the first item is 1, second is 2 and so on. Not only can you select an item from a list by number from the front but also from the back, the first, the last and also a random item. You can but remove it after you have selected it



Analyze List

The following blocks analyze a list in different ways


Modify List

You can change an item in your list with the block below

Shuffle List

Get a copy of a list with the items shuffled in a random order.

[Picture of Shuffle block TBD]