🤖 Blocks

An app is simply a sequence of events.

The best apps define an elegant sequence of events that happen without the user even noticing. A great sign in flow for example can happen in seconds but the logic and sequence behind them is a work of art that has been iterated on many times (often using Thunkable's Live Testing app).

This is where Thunkable Blocks come in.

The Blocks screen can be found by clicking the Blocks tab on the upper left corner of the screen

Thunkable Blocks are the building blocks of a great experience for your app users. Every component has its own set of blocks to start or trigger an event and set and change properties.

They can be connected to a commonly used set of blocks that range from opening screens, setting up logic, reformatting data or simplifying code.

Frequently used built-in blocks

Below are some of the most commonly used blocks and where you might find them:




Navigate to Screen 1


Opens a specified screen in your app

If this, do that


Set conditions for events to happen in your app