Animation by Lottie

Animation Overview

The Animation component powered by Lottie makes adding animations as easy as adding images. For designers, animations can be created in Adobe After Effects or Haiku and imported as a .json file.

For the rest of us, there is a large and growing community of designers who have created free and editable animations that you can easily add to your app.

Getting Started




Please upload and reference your After Effects .json animations to your app project. You can create your own or find a library of open sourced ones from sites like thisโ€‹


If true, animation will run as a loop

Edit size and position

You can drag and drop your component into position, and set its size. You can set exact values for the component's Height and Width, and X and Y coordinates, in its properties.

Height: Height of Button in pixels Width: Width of Button in pixels

X: position of top left corner of Button on X-axis Y: position of top right corner of component on Y-axis


You can trigger some action to happen when the animation is clicked using the 'when Animation Click' event.