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Publish as a Web App (PRO)
How to publish your project to the Internet as a Web App
Publishing as a Web App is currently the fastest way to publish your Thunkable app. This means that you can get user feedback in minutes instead of hours or days. One major advantage to publishing on the internet is that you don't need to pay additional fees to an app market place.
The "Publish as a Web App" component is a feature just for Thunkable creators with active PRO subscriptions. To upgrade your subscription please visit your membership page. If you cancel your PRO membership, your app will be unpublished once your PRO membership expires.

Mobile Web App

Mobile web apps are best experienced by opening the link directly on your phone. To make your mobile app feel more like a native app you can add it to the home screen directly from your mobile web browser.
If you preview a mobile web app on a desktop or laptop computer you will see a phone frame around the app. This is to give you a rough idea of its final proportions, but ultimately this will vary from device to device depending on factors such as screen size, aspect ratio, and pixel density.
To get an app that can respond to devices of any size, consider publishing as a Responsive Web App.

Responsive Web App

Publishing your app as a responsive web app means that it will scale according to the size of the device that it is being opened on.
If your app in designed only to be run on phones, consider publishing as a Mobile Web App.


Here's a 3 minute overview of how "Publish as a Web App" works.

How to Publish

Start by clicking on the Publish menu and choose the "Publish as Web App (PRO)" option at the bottom of the drop down menu
The first time you publish a new project you will have to click on the blue Get link and publish button.
In the next modal you can:
    open the app in a new tab
    copy the app link
    select whether to publish as a Mobile web app or a Responsive web appโ€‹
    share your app through popular channels like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit
    unpublish your app by clicking on Disable published link text
๐ŸŽ‰ Congratulations - your Thunkable project is now live on the internet a published web app.

Updating your App

Each time you press publish itโ€™s similar to creating a new release of your app in one of stores. This means you can make changes and updates to your without worrying about users seeing a half-finished new feature that youโ€™re still working on.
When youโ€™re ready to release a new version, choose โ€œPublish as a Web Appโ€ then click the blue โ€œPublish current versionโ€ to update your app. The URL will remain the same, but the project that it links to will be updated.

Embed your app in a webpage

If you host a webpage, you can embed your Thunkable web app in an iframe using the syntax
<iframe src="https://thunkable.site/w/K0XDxMqwl" title="Chop Down the Tree Thunkable App" height = 1000 width = 500></iframe>
You can read more about iframes here.

Unsupported Components

Not all components are supported on the web at this time so please see the list below of components that are not supported. Please note that some are Supported but may not work as expectedso may not work consistently on every device. Others, such as AdMob Can not be supportedbut may be replaced by an alternative in the future. While other are Not supported yet but may be made available in future updates.
Supported but may not work as expected
Can not be supported
Not supported yet
Barcode Scanner
Not supported yet
Bluetooth Low Energy
Not supported yet
Supported but may not work as expected
Local Storage
Not supported yet -stored variables are supported
Supported but may not work as expected
Not supported yet
Photo Library
Not supported yet
Push Notification
Not supported yet
Email and Phone work, other blocks not supported yet
Speech Recognizer
Not supported yet
Web Viewer
User Interface
BACK block not supported yet, some Google sites not supported
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