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There a several different types of project in Thunkable
A project is a place where your designs, files and blocks come together to create Android and iOS apps. There are four different types of project in Thunkable.
    โ€‹Public Projectsโ€‹
    โ€‹Private Projectsโ€‹
    โ€‹Read-Only Projectsโ€‹
    โ€‹Legacy Projectsโ€‹
When you first sign in to Thunkable you will be prompted to create a project. To learn more about the maximum size your projects can be, please see our article about the minimum requirements for apps.

Public Projects

Public projects are included in the Thunkable Public Gallery for anyone to preview, download or remix. If you create a public project, please know that it can be viewed by anyone in the Thunkable community.

Private Projects

Private projects are just that, private. They can only be seen by their app creator and do not get included in the Thunkable Public Gallery. Only Thunkable PRO users can create and share private projects.
โ€‹Learn more about PRO.โ€‹

Making Projects Public or Private

To make your projects public or private, click the "details" button on a project. You can then click the Public/Private switch to change who can view your project.
You can also click on the gear icon on the upper left of the screen to access your Project Settings, and set your project to private from there.

Read-Only projects

Private projects become Read-Only projects when a Thunker's PRO membership expires. Read-Only projects remain private and are not included in the Thunkable Gallery.
You can only preview Read-Only. Once a project has been switched to Public, you cannot switch it back to Read-Only.
Last modified 3mo ago