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The image component lets you display pictures in your app.

Image Overview

The Image component lets you display pictures in your app and pairs nicely with image based components like the Camera, Photo Library, Image Recognizer and Media DBโ€‹

Set Image

There are a few ways you can display an image in your app:
    Upload a picture to your app
    Provide a link to the image
    Take a picture with the Camera component
The blocks above open up your phoneโ€™s camera and set the Image component to the picture that you took.

Edit size and position

You can drag and drop your component into position, and set its size. You can set exact values for the component's Height and Width, and X and Y coordinates, in its properties.
Height: Height of Button in pixels Width: Width of Button in pixels
X: position of top left corner of Button on X-axis Y: position of top right corner of component on Y-axis

Resizing the Image

With the Resize Mode property, you can do the following:
    Cover: Resizes the picture to its max height or width regardless without changing the image quality.
    Contain: Resizes the picture to fit the area without changing its quality
    Stretch: The pictureโ€™s height will change to fill the image component length-wise
    Repeat: Repeats the picture at its original quality within the image component area
    Center: Positions the picture in the middle of the image component

Add a Border

You can style the image with the following properties:
      Width: Enter how wide you want the border outline of the image to be
      Color: Pick a color for the border of the image
      Radius: Enter how round you want the edges of the border for the image to be



This event handler is fired when the user clicks on the image.


Computed Dimensions

The Computed Height and Computed Width blocks return the on screen dimensions of the image, after it has been rendered on-screen. The value returned is an integer, representing the size of the image in pixels.


The set and get height blocks work with the Height property of the image component. Acceptable input values are.
    Number of Pixels
    Percentage Height
    "Fit Contents"
    "Fill Container"


The set and get picture blocks work with picture property of the image component. Pictures can be uploaded as local assets or specified as URLs

Resize Mode

The set and get resize mode blocks work with how the picture is scaled within the image component. Acceptable values are:


The set and get visible blocks are used to show or hide the entire image component. Acceptable values are:


The set and get width blocks work with the Width property of the image component. Acceptable values are.โ€Œ
    Number of Pixels
    Percentage Width
    "Fit Contents"
    "Fill Container"
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