Drag and Drop
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A group is a container component. You can place User Interface components inside a Group to make changing the layout of your app easier.

Add a Group to your Project

Select the Group component from your Components menu and add it to your project.

Set Group Size

You can drag and drop your component into position, and set its size. You can set exact values for the component's Height and Width, and X and Y coordinates, in its properties.
Height: Height of Button in pixels Width: Width of Button in pixels
X: position of top left corner of Button on X-axis Y: position of top right corner of component on Y-axis

Add Components to Group

To add components to a Group, simply drag and drop the components inside the Group.
You will see the components you added to the Group are now nestled inside the Group in the component tree.

Moving Groups in Your Project

Once you have added components to a Group, you can move them around as a group. This will make it easier to create complex layouts made of multiple components that you can still move around in your app as a single unit.
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