Drawer Navigator

Navigate to different screens using a clickable drawer that slides out from the side.

Video Tutorial

You can watch a video tutorial for using Navigators in your Thunkable app here:

Adding Navigators

To add a navigator to your app, click Screens + at the top of your component tree. Select Add Navigator and select the Navigator you want to add.

Name Your Drawers

The names displayed in the Drawer Navigator will be the names of the Screens it contains.

Drawer Navigator Properties

You have many options for styling your Drawer Navigator, such as changing the background color or tint color. Here are the different options for customization:
Data Type
Drawer Width
The width of the Drawer in pixels.
Drawer Position
The position the Drawer enters the screen from.
Select from menu (left or right)
Active Tint Color
Text color of selected drawer.
Active Background Color
Background color of selected drawer.
Inactive Tint Color
Text color for unselected drawers.
Inactive Background Color
Background color for unselected drawers.

Screen-Specific Drawer Navigator Properties

When you add a Screen to your Drawer Navigator, you will a new section called Drawer Navigation Options in your Screen's Properties panel with the following properties:
Drawer Label: Set the Label of this Screen's drawer in the Drawer Navigator