Release Notes

Last updated 28 days ago

Aug 8, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Stability should be significantly improved on the Live App, especially for Android

  • There should generally be fewer crashes on downloaded/published apps, especially for Android

  • The WebViewer on Android should scroll properly and be responsive

  • The Scrollable feature of the Column component should now work properly

  • Column component will now display background images on iOS

  • Scrollable screens will now scroll on downloaded or published apps for iOS

  • Setting Latitude and Longitude on the Map component on Android via blocks should now work

  • Setting the Value property of the Slider component on Android via blocks should now work

  • Projects with a huge number of components or blocks should no longer generate errors from backend server

New blocks

  • Shuffle list - get a copy of a list with the items shuffled in a random order.

Platform updates

  • Improvements to the tutorials

Jul 20, 2018

New components

  • Alert - launches a dialog / notification with a message and one or more buttons

Jun 12, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Solves some issues with Thunkable Live app on Android

  • Reduces project saving issues

Jun 5, 2018

Thunkable Cross-Platform ✕ launches out of beta!

Platform updates

  • Renaming components is now supported. Click on the top of the properties panel to edit the component name

  • Each new project can be set to public or private. Public projects are eligible to be featured in the Thunkable Gallery and can be shared in both read-only and fully-editable mode

  • Sample apps now featured on the project list page

  • Supports iOS usage descriptions for describing to users why certain permissions are needed when they download your app; applies only when you Publish to the iOS App Store

Component updates

  • Switch component no longer needs blocks to set-up

May 22, 2018

Component updates

  • Map - adds new block events e.g. on Map Click, on Marker Click and supports the ability to add markers, polylines and polygons

  • Text to Speech - increase supported languages from 6 to 87

  • Share - now supports sharing locally stored assets (does not work on Live Test for iOS)

New components

  • Location Sensor - gets user's current location

  • Slider - UI element of choice for letting users select a value or range from a fixed set of options, such as setting the brightness of a screen

May 15, 2018

Platform updates

Bug fixes

  • (Background) Image for Screens, Rows, Column and Image components now appear in Live Testing when using a Screen.start block

  • Image height or width set to 'fit contents' now appear in Live Testing

  • Improvements to Download / Publish for iOS including transparency support for app icons and better error messaging

  • Improved messaging for Download for Android

May 7, 2018

Platform updates

  • Significant user interface update including a new Design / Blocks switch, add Components shifted to the left panel and Properties shifted to the right panel

  • Live app now lets you live preview all your app projects from the comfort of your mobile device (Android only)

  • Publish for Android now supported

  • Adds version support for download / publish for Android and iOS

  • Updated download and publish emails for iOS

April 12, 2018

Component updates

  • Button - supports a number of new properties including sizing (height, width) and adding a background picture

New components

  • Speech Recognizer - uses artificial intelligence to recognize and translate spoken language into text in 14 different languages

  • Share - allows users to share text or post images using their favorite installed communication app from Slack and Facebook to iMessage and WhatsApp

  • Switch - popular UI element to turn on and off a certain feature in an app, often used in settings pages

Platform updates

  • Updated Blocks colors

Apr 5, 2018

New components

  • Spreadsheet by Airtable - gets, uploads, updates and deletes data from the popular spreadsheet service

  • Payment by Stripe - enable accepting credit card payments in app powered through Stripe; Each payment is subject to a 4.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee

Platform updates

  • Supports opening installed app by deep link on Android (aka Activity Starter) via a Control block

  • Blocks now includes zoom control and a better location for the trash can

  • Properties have been re-organized into hopefully easier to use categories

Mar 20, 2018

Platform updates

  • Custom app package name / bundle ID now supported for both Android and iOS; app icon also supported for Android

  • Make a copy of your project aka checkpoint in one click

  • Tracking of project shares now available on project page; share links no longer require a user to be logged in

Component updates

  • Properties now set / changeable in blocks including all Text / Background Color properties for visible components and Language properties for Translator, Text to Speech and Assistant

  • Transparent color now available as a color property across all visible components

  • Easy select and upload via Picture property for Image component

Bug fixes

  • Function blocks now work again

  • Blocks strings now accepted as numbers

  • Changing dropdown component in blocks or duplicating blocks now keeps the same property

Mar 6, 2018

New component

  • Sign In powered by Firebase - support for email sign-in; set-up requires entering in an API key and database URL into app settings

  • Media Database powered by Cloudinary - support for image, audio and video upload

Component updates

  • Most Visible components (Screen, TextInput, Label, Column, Row, Image, ListViewer, WebViewer, Maps, Google Maps) - advanced properties including padding, margin, border & user location (Maps / Google Maps) added

  • Realtime DB powered by Firebase - changes set-up from adding a .plist file to entering in an API key and database URL into app settings

Platform updates

  • Installing an Android .apk no longer requires uninstalling the Thunkable companion app

  • Easier discoverability of uploading files (now in the bottom left under the component tree

  • Error message when dropping a Navigator or Screen to the Phone previewer; they can only be added to the Visible components section of the tree

  • Small updates to sharing by link and notifications during download and publish

Feb 23, 2018

Start of Thunkable Cross-Platform public beta