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Project Assets and Sizes
It's best to keep app sizes as small as possible to preserve space on people's devices. All app projects have a 50MB limit, and free Thunkable accounts have a 200 MB total storage limit. If you need more storage fo your account then you can upgrade to PRO to get 1 GB of space for your projects.
Thunkable PRO subscribers get 1GB of storage and can create unlimited public and private projects.
โ€‹Learn more about PRO.โ€‹

Minimum Requirements

App size
50 MB for Free and PRO accounts.
Account size limit
200 MB for Free, 1 GB for PRO.
No fixed limit
One app per phone for iOS; no limit for Android
Minimum Android version
5.0 (21) Lollipop
Minimum iOS version
You can view a project's app size on the project's details page:
The main contributor to an app's size are files (also known as assets). To add or delete files, click on the Assets button in the side bar. Then click the "+" icon to manage all the files in your project.

Account storage limits

You can view your total account storage size in your account settings.
Free Thunkable accounts have 200MB of storage. PRO Thunkable accounts have 1GB of storage.
Read more about Thunkable PRO here.
If you are near the limit, you may be able to create additional storage by removing projects that you no longer need like an old version or copy of a project.

Naming Your Assets

Thunkable recommends using file names that do not contain whitespace characters.
Here are two naming methods we recommend:
  1. 1.
    Snake Case - each space is replaced by an underscore (_) character, and the first letter of each word written in lowercase.
    • example_one.png
    • here_is_another_example.html
  2. 2.
    Camel Case - writing phrases without spaces or punctuation, indicating the separation of words with a single capitalized letter, and the first word starting with either case.
    • exampleOne.png
    • hereIsAnotherExample.html