Date Input

A Date Input component is helpful when you want the user of your app to easily select a specific date using the native Android or iOS date picker

Native Android Date Picker on the left and iOS on the right

Getting Started

The Date Input component needs no set-up (Woohoo!). Just drag and drop the component into your project. As a bonus, the current date will automatically show up as a label.

When a user of your app taps on the Date Input, it will automatically launch the native Android or iOS date pickers.

Set the Date Format

You can set the format of the date by simply choosing your desired format from the Style property

Save the Date

The date that a user selects will show up automatically in the Date Input label but if you want to save the date somewhere to be uploaded later, you'll need to add a block like the one below.



Get Date

Date in whichever format you specify e.g. YYYY-MM-DD

Get Year

Year in 4 digit format e.g. 2019

Get Month

Numerical month from 1-12

Get Day

Day of the month from 1-31 (depending on the month)