Create interactive gaming apps with the canvas component.

The canvas component is a touch-sensitive panel that enables the movement of items.

You can use this component to create a variety of games and experiences that involve different methods of touching a screen.

Adding a Canvas

To add a canvas to your app, drag and drop the canvas component into the app builder.

When you click on the Canvas in your component tree, Canvas tab will appear. Click on this tab to customize your canvas

Screenshot of Canvas tab in your Thunkable project editor

The two elements of a Canvas are the Stage and the Sprites.

The Stage

The Stage is the background of your Canvas. You can set a background color or background picture, a border color, and the stage's Height and Width. You can click and drag your Sprites on the stage in the Canvas tab.


You can set Gravity of the Stage along the X and Y axis. The Sprites on the stage can be toggled to ignore gravity or not. If a Sprite is affected by gravity, it will be pulled in the direction of the gravity.

Y Gravity
X Gravity
Y and X Gravity
Y Gravity
Behavior of Sprite when Y Gravity = 100, X Gravity = 0
X Gravity
Behavior of Sprite when Y Gravity = 0, X Gravity = 100
Y and X Gravity
Behavior of Sprite when Y Gravity = 100, X Gravity = 100


Touch Drawing

You can enable Touch Drawing on your Screen. You can set the Drawing Color to choose the color you draw in. You can set the Drawing Width to choose the thickness of the line you draw on the stage.