Release Notes 2018

Dec 14, 2018

  • Local DB - create and retrieve data from a data table directly saved in your app

Component updates

  • Share - now enables users to send text messages, emails and make phone calls from mobile's device's default apps

New block category

Dec 5, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Fixes variety of bugs that led to Thunkable Live Android crashes

  • Users no longer have to set margins and padding to 0 for columns and rows on Android

  • Improved error messaging and validation for new Publish to IOS workflow

Nov 20, 2018

Platform updates

  • Publish to iOS - Supports the ability to publish to iOS with two-factor authentication turned on

Component / block updates

  • Visible property on components - Support making components visible and invisible from the designer and the blocks

Bug fixes

  • Custom launch screen for PRO users - fixes bug that does not show current app's logo

  • Thunkable Live app - displays app icons on the project list page

Nov 15, 2018

Component updates

  • Tab Navigator - Supports adding icons to the tab navigator with the introduction of two new components, a Top Tab Navigator and a Bottom Tab Navigator. The original Tab Navigator will continue to be supported in existing projects but we highly encourage creators to adopt the new tab components which will have more features

Bug fixes

  • Text Input - automatically resizes screen when keyboard is open

  • Publish to iOS - fixes Camera and Photo Library permissions

  • Blocks - prevents possible infinite loops when asset block is loaded

Nov 7, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Fixes bug where previewed projects were one step behind the Blocks Editor

  • Fixes bug where variables did not work with map methods

  • Fixes bug where variables did not work well as list indexes

Oct 23, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Fixes the compatibility issue with the new variable, list and object blocks

Oct 22, 2018

Platform updates

  • Thunkable PRO users can now remove the Thunkable logo from the initial screen of all downloaded and published apps. Thunkable will automatically replace that logo with the app icon that they upload. We will be introducing additional customization options in the future.

Oct 10, 2018

Platform updates

Thunkable has launched the Public Gallery, a public collection apps for anyone to preview, download or remix.

All new apps will be public by default and included in the Public Gallery.

Creators who want to keep their project private can upgrade to Thunkable PRO.

  • Variables can now be of type 'app', stored' and 'cloud'. Existing uses of variables will continue to work as they did before this change.

Sep 13, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Fix some Android crashes

  • Easier drag and drop of Button and Image components

  • Fix initial load of app icon

Aug 30, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Fix SignIn method of Sign In component to populate outputs userId & isEmailVerified

Aug 29, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Fix iOS download & publish app icon

Aug 28, 2018

Platform updates

All apps built on Thunkable are now compatible with Android 8.0 (aka API 26)!

Users will be prompted to give permission to allow the use of certain components within an app (Speech Recognizer, Assistant, Camera, Photo Library, Location Sensor)

  • Some app layouts have been updated

    • Hide status bar bug - A blank status bar will still show up even if hide status bar is set to false; we are hoping to fix this soon

    • Heights of visible elements set to 'fit contents' may need to be updated to 'relative size' or another option

    • Scrollable columns - height will need to be set to 'fit contents'

Bug fixes

  • Android app no longer crashes when open link block is triggered

  • Downloaded and published iOS apps no longer shows editable blocks

Aug 8, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Stability should be significantly improved on the Live App, especially for Android

  • There should generally be fewer crashes on downloaded/published apps, especially for Android

  • The WebViewer on Android should scroll properly and be responsive

  • The Scrollable feature of the Column component should now work properly

  • Column component will now display background images on iOS

  • Scrollable screens will now scroll on downloaded or published apps for iOS

  • Setting Latitude and Longitude on the Map component on Android via blocks should now work

  • Setting the Value property of the Slider component on Android via blocks should now work

  • Projects with a huge number of components or blocks should no longer generate errors from backend server

New blocks

  • Shuffle list - get a copy of a list with the items shuffled in a random order.

Platform updates

  • Improvements to the tutorials

Jul 20, 2018

New components

  • Alert - launches a dialog / notification with a message and one or more buttons

Jun 12, 2018

Bug fixes

  • Solves some issues with Thunkable Live app on Android

  • Reduces project saving issues

Jun 5, 2018

Thunkable Cross-Platform ✕ launches out of beta!

Platform updates

  • Renaming components is now supported. Click on the top of the properties panel to edit the component name

  • Each new project can be set to public or private. Public projects are eligible to be featured in the Thunkable Gallery and can be shared in both read-only and fully-editable mode

  • Sample apps now featured on the project list page

  • Supports iOS usage descriptions for describing to users why certain permissions are needed when they download your app; applies only when you Publish to the iOS App Store

Component updates

  • Switch component no longer needs blocks to set-up

May 22, 2018

Component updates

  • Map - adds new block events e.g. on Map Click, on Marker Click and supports the ability to add markers, polylines and polygons

  • Text to Speech - increase supported languages from 6 to 87

  • Share - now supports sharing locally stored assets (does not work on Live Test for iOS)

New components

  • Location Sensor - gets user's current location

  • Slider - UI element of choice for letting users select a value or range from a fixed set of options, such as setting the brightness of a screen

May 15, 2018

Platform updates

  • Five new tutorials for Thunkable beginners now located in platform panel on the left

  • Share a read-only version of your project is now supported with a public option

Bug fixes

  • (Background) Image for Screens, Rows, Column and Image components now appear in Live Testing when using a Screen.start block

  • Image height or width set to 'fit contents' now appear in Live Testing

  • Improvements to Download / Publish for iOS including transparency support for app icons and better error messaging

  • Improved messaging for Download for Android

May 7, 2018

Platform updates broken link out-of-bounds link

  • Significant user interface update including a new Design / Blocks switch, add Components shifted to the left panel and Properties shifted to the right panel

  • Live app now lets you live preview all your app projects from the comfort of your mobile device (Android only)

  • Publish for Android now supported

  • Adds version support for download / publish for Android and iOS

  • Updated download and publish emails for iOS

April 12, 2018

Component updates

  • Button - supports a number of new properties including sizing (height, width) and adding a background picture

New components

  • Speech Recognizer - uses artificial intelligence to recognize and translate spoken language into text in 14 different languages

  • Share - allows users to share text or post images using their favorite installed communication app from Slack and Facebook to iMessage and WhatsApp

  • Switch - popular UI element to turn on and off a certain feature in an app, often used in settings pages

Platform updates

  • Updated Blocks colors

Apr 5, 2018

New components

  • Spreadsheet by Airtable - gets, uploads, updates and deletes data from the popular spreadsheet service

  • Payment by Stripe - enable accepting credit card payments in app powered through Stripe; Each payment is subject to a 4.9% + $0.30 per transaction fee

Platform updates

  • Supports opening installed app by deep link on Android (aka Activity Starter) via a Control block

  • Blocks now includes zoom control and a better location for the trash can

  • Properties have been re-organized into hopefully easier to use categories

Mar 20, 2018

Platform updates

  • Custom app package name / bundle ID now supported for both Android and iOS; app icon also supported for Android

  • Make a copy of your project aka checkpoint in one click

  • Tracking of project shares now available on project page; share links no longer require a user to be logged in

Component updates

  • Properties now set / changeable in blocks including all Text / Background Color properties for visible components and Language properties for Translator, Text to Speech and Assistant

  • Transparent color now available as a color property across all visible components

  • Easy select and upload via Picture property for Image component

Bug fixes

  • Function blocks now work again

  • Blocks strings now accepted as numbers

  • Changing dropdown component in blocks or duplicating blocks now keeps the same property

Mar 6, 2018

New component

  • Sign In powered by Firebase - support for email sign-in; set-up requires entering in an API key and database URL into app settings

  • Media Database powered by Cloudinary - support for image, audio and video upload

Component updates

  • Most Visible components (Screen, TextInput, Label, Column, Row, Image, ListViewer, WebViewer, Maps, Google Maps) - advanced properties including padding, margin, border & user location (Maps / Google Maps) added

  • Realtime DB powered by Firebase - changes set-up from adding a .plist file to entering in an API key and database URL into app settings

Platform updates

  • Installing an Android .apk no longer requires uninstalling the Thunkable companion app

  • Easier discoverability of uploading files (now in the bottom left under the component tree

  • Error message when dropping a Navigator or Screen to the Phone previewer; they can only be added to the Visible components section of the tree

  • Small updates to sharing by link and notifications during download and publish

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