Thunkable Cross-Platform ✕ (Beta)

Welcome to Thunkable X.

Thunkable ✕ is our new platform where anyone can build their own mobile and tablet apps on Android, iOS or both. Users create a single project that works on both Android and iOS devices.

This platform is currently in beta -- which means users interested in testing the platform, building great apps, giving us feedback & reporting bugs can apply to get early access by filling out this form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Thunkable Android user. How will X work for me? Can I import my projects?

Thunkable ✕ was built completely redesigned from the ground up to give users a more modern, intuitive and more efficient way to build apps leveraging the latest technologies.

Unfortunately, that means projects on Thunkable Android are not easily importable to ✕ and we recommend starting all projects from scratch. You will notice that there are also some components that are not yet available on ✕ (we are working on adding more soon) and also some that are available only on ✕. You will also notice that some key tasks like live testing, downloading, exporting and sharing projects have also been updated.

I am a Thunkable iOS user. How will X work for me? Can I import my projects?

Thunkable ✕ works similarly to Thunkable iOS (similar components, workflow etc) with the added benefit that projects you create for iOS will also work on your Android devices.

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