Resolving Google Play Keystore Issues


The Android Keystore system lets you store security certificates and private keys to prevent others from updating your app on the Google Play store. You can upload a keystore to Thunkable, but it must have the alias: androidkey. All keystores created by Thunkable have this alias, but other platforms, such as Android Studio, use different keystore aliases.

Import Keystore From Another Platform

It is not possible to import a keystore from another platform into Thunkable. However, you can contact Google Play Support, and they can help you to update your keystore.

You can use the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Login to your Google Play Store account.

  2. Click the question mark icon.

  3. In the Search Help field, write that you lost your key and need to update your app.

  4. Choose Upload Key Reset Request as the best description of this issue.

  5. Click Next step.

  6. Select Send an email.

  7. Complete the form with the required personal information.

  8. Select I have an upload key-related issue.

  9. Select I lost my upload key.

  10. Unzip the file and save the PEM file to your computer.

  11. Attach it to the form.

  12. Describe your issue.

  13. Click Submit.

It usually takes Google two to three days to answer.

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