Thunkable for iOS

Realtime Database powered by Firebase

Realtime DB powered by Firebase is cloud storage component that stores and retrieves keys and their corresponding values in a database that can be accessed in real-time (super fast).

This version of the component supports storing app data in unique project buckets associated with a user's project. You can add your own private database instance by following the instructions below.

Save Data to Firebase

Update Data in Realtime

Save, Retrieve & Update Data in Realtime

Event Description
Save (key, value) Asks Firebase to save a given value under the given key
Get (key, value) Asks Firebase to get the value stored under the given key
Add Listener (key) Asks Firebase to listen to a specific key for changes in the database. Required for Data Changed block.
Data Changed (key, value) Asks Firebase for updates to value for specified key. Requires an Add Listener block.
Remove Listener (key) Ask Firebase to stop listening to a specific key for changes in the database

Use Your Own Firebase Instance

Step 1 Create an account with Firebase for free (you can upgrade to a paid plan later) and create a new app project. In Database 'Rules', set "read" and "write" to 'true' (they will be set to 'false' by default).

Step 2 Add Firebase to your iOS app and generate a .plist file by following the steps below. The .plist file is a file that Google requires to enable services like Firebase in your app. Note that you can use the same Firebase project for your Android and iOS app.

Step 3 Drag and drop the .plist in you assets folder on Thunkable

Step 4 After Downloading or Publishing Your App, View and Edit Database Contents

IMPORTANT: Private database instance will not work during live testing

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