Thunkable for Android


The Accelerometer is a sensor loaded onto most smartphones that signals which way is up, commonly used to automatically switch between Portrait and Landscape mode.

The Accelerometer component on Thunkable can be used to detect shaking events, indicate if the phone should be in Portrait or Landscape mode, and measure acceleration in 3 dimensions:

Our amazing community member Domhnall made this great resource to further explain the power of this sensor

Trigger an event by shaking your phone

Event / Property Description
Shaking Indicates the device started being shaken or continues to be shaken
Minimum Interval (milliseconds) The minimum interval, in milliseconds, between phone shakes
Sensitivity A number that encodes how sensitive the accelerometer is. The choices are: 1 = weak, 2 = moderate, 3 = strong.
Enabled If 'true', the accelerometer sensor is enabled

Measure changes in acceleration

Event / Property Description
Acceleration Changed (xAccel, yAccel, zAccel) Indicates the acceleration changed in the X, Y, and/or Z dimensions
xAccel 0 when the phone is at rest on a flat surface, positive when the phone is tilted to the right (i.e., its left side is raised), and negative when the phone is tilted to the left (i.e., its right size is raised)
yAccel 0 when the phone is at rest on a flat surface, positive when its bottom is raised, and negative when its top is raised
xAccel Equal to -9.8 (earth's gravity in meters per second per second when the device is at rest parallel to the ground with the display facing up, 0 when perpindicular to the ground, and +9.8 when facing down. The value can also be affected by accelerating it with or against gravity

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