Login Issues

We currently allow creators to log in with either a Gmail account or with any other email address the choose.

If you are seeing this page, you are likely having problems logging into our web platform. Our hardworking beaver is sad to hear that.

Fortunately, we have some recommendations that will hopefully help you fix your login issues. Our top suggestions are:

  1. Sign out completely from Google and then sign back-in

  2. Switch your browser to Chrome, Firefox or Safari (if using Internet Explorer or Edge Web Browsers)

  3. Enable cookies in your browser, if you have them switched off.

  4. Uninstall AdBlocker extensions or add-ons (if you have them installed)

  5. Disable Kaspersky Lab Antivirus or whitelist thunkable.com (if you have it installed)

A helpful summary is below:

Compatible with Thunkable

Not compatible with Thunkable


Chrome, Firefox or Safari

Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge Web Browser


Cookies enabled in the browser

Cookies disabled in the browser


No AdBlockers extensions or add-ons

AdBlockers extensions or add-ons

Kaspersky Antivirus

Either disabling Kaspersky Lab Antivirus completely or whitelisting Thunkable.com

Kaspersky Lab Antivirus software

Pro-tip: How to enable cookies

To enable cookies, please follow the directions below:


In Chrome you need to make sure that you are allowing sites to save and read cookie data. You will also need to ensure that you do not block third-party cookies.

Open you Chrome cookie settings: chrome://settings/content/cookies.

More info about cookies in Chrome here.


  • You will need to have settings like the one below. More info here.


Open Safari > Preferences ... > Privacy

Prevent cross-site tracking should be checked.

Block all cookies should be unchecked.

Read more about cross-site tracking here.

Read more about managing cookies here.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to refresh your page after you enable cookies

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