Email Sign In by Firebase

To use Sign In, you will need to first create your own Firebase account and project

Getting Started

Create your free Firebase account and create a new project

Enable Email / Password Sign in

In the Firebase console, navigate to Authentication and the tab "Sign-In Method". Enable Email/Password as shown below.

Connect your Firebase Account with Thunkable

There are two properties that you need to retrieve from Firebase to connect it with Thunkable which are both retrievable from the Firebase console: API key and database URL

API key and database URL

(Optional) Modify the email template you send to verify your users' emails

Using the Sign In Component in your App

Click on the Sign In drawer of blocks to access the Sign In blocks.

Sign up

The first step for users is to Sign Up with their email address and a password. They will be sent an email to verify the address that they provided.



Sign up ( email, password))

Signs up a user for a new account. Returns an error if sign up is not successful. A common error is "The email address is already in use by another account."

Here is an example of using this block:

Sign in

This block will sign a user in and return their user ID.


Data Type




If error, returns error; else, returns null



Returns unique ID for each account



If email has been verified, returns true; else, returns false

When the user's email and password have been stored locally, the following blocks can be used to sign the user in with these details automatically.

Sign Out

Signs the user out.

Reset Password

Send an email to the specified email address to reset their password

Manage User Access

On the Firebase console, navigate to the Users tab under Authentication and you'll find a dashboard where you can reset a user's password, disable and delete their accounts.

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