Thunkable Sample Projects

Thunkable is building the world's largest gallery of open sourced apps to help inspire you and save you time.

Below are a few of our favorites with more to come. Feel free to customize them for your own use and share them with #MadewithThunkable

Sign In Screens

These Sign In templates can be easily remixed. Click to download!

Neon Sunset Sign In Screen

Mountain Dusk Sign In Screen

Purple Range Sign In Screen

Simple Red Sign In Screen

Simple Blue Sign In Screen

Family & Friends

Since mobile apps are radically easier to make with Thunkable, why not make apps just for the most important people in your life? We've started experimenting with some ways that apps have actually helped us feel closer to the ones we love.

Charlie Checker

For anyone who has a pet (or child) whose care is managed by multiple people, this app helps to coordinate regular meals, treats, walks and poops. This app is powered by a free private Firebase Database that syncs data quickly across devices. This app resets itself every day.

#cloudvariables #firebase #share

(Private) Social Media

Social media was originally invented for people to share things with people they trust. With the evolution of popular platforms today, it's increasingly hard to simply keep our channels private enough so our conversations and photos are less filtered and bringing us all joy (instead of FOMO).

Snap Gram

This app is kind of like an Instagram and Snapchat hybrid and we've created a private version of this app that we are using daily at the Thunk Tank to help our global team feel more connected. To make your app private, simply create a free Cloudinary image account to keep your images within your sights and a free private Firebase Database to host the links to those images. You won't believe what people will share with a little bit of privacy!

#cloudvariables #firebase #mediadb #cloudinary #camera

Color Chat

This is a Slack-like chat app where users pick their own chat bubble colors. You can make the backend private by connecting it to your own Firebase database. This app features the clone and device time blocks.

#cloudvariables #firebase #cloneblocks #devicetime #drawernavigator #slider

City Living

Cities are an increasingly popular place to live and work but navigating them can be a challenge. Here are a few apps that aspire to make that simpler.


Designed for your work and holiday travel, translator is an app that translates English text and speaks it aloud into 93 languages in the world.

#cloudvariables #firebase #mediadb #cloudinary #camera

High Performing Teams

The highest performing teams are said to be ones full of trust, empathy and psychological safety. Here are a few apps that may help your favorite teams build these important qualities.

Office Weather & Traffic

Designed for teams that are spread out across different parts of the world, this simple app helps you quickly keep track of the external conditions that may be affecting your colleague's work and mood. At the very least, it may enable you to avoid talking about the weather and onto more important things. Customize for your team by editing the information in the OfficeDB component. The app pulls the latest temperature from the Open Weather Map API and as a bonus the latest traffic from Google Maps. There is a limit of 60 calls per minute in the free tier of the Open Weather Map API.

#webapi #openweathermapapi #googlemaps #localdb #camera

Work Credit

Work Credit is a team counting app for thankless tasks. The app shares data for the team in a private Firebase realtime database account so Thunkers looking to create one for their team will need to set one up. Work Credit has really transformed how our office works at Thunkable -- no longer are thankless tasks thankless. The winner each week gets to pick out our lunch destination on Friday (which is quite an honor)

#cloudvariables #firebase

Mark's Guide to 1:1s

For managers out there, here's a helpful set of questions to guide your next 1:1 meeting from Mark, the beloved VP of engineering at Thunkable. For our team, this app is a great way for best practices to quickly spread throughout an organization. You can easily customize the questions by simply editing the question in the local database.

#localdb #accelerometer

Start-Up Hacks

Starting your own business is a gratifying endeavor but most new business don't make it for the long haul. Here are a few apps that can help support the businesses that you love

New Market Goods

Simple website wrapper app with a multi-image branding screen, a social media bar that opens a deep link to a user's installed apps that works across platforms. If you are a PRO member, you can add push notifications to notify app users of ongoing sales. Check out our free tutorial in the Thunkable Communityโ€‹ to make one for the business that you love. #webviewer #timer #push notifications

Fun & Games

Mobile games and puzzle apps are not just a great form of entertainment in those in between moments but they also great mediums for monetizing your app with ads.

Beaver Bingo

Beaver Bingo is a simple puzzle app that we think is great for parties. Party goers take photos of the items in the nine boxes, which together reveals a hidden message. The app features the Image Recognizer component from Microsoft. No goats were harmed in the making of this app.

#imagerecognizer #microsoft #camera #sound #timer

Shake Dice

If you've ever played a board game or an RPG then you know what dice are. You also probably know easy they are to lose or misplace. With this app you can create and customize as many dice and sound effects as you like so that they're never more than a click away. There's a free tutorial in the Thunkable Community all about how this app was made. This app also shows an Interstitial Ad by AdMob every time the dice shows 5.

#accelerometer #admob

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