Rating Overview

The Rating component is a visible component which can be used to display the rating of a product or content in your app, and allow the user to leave their own rating.

A Rating component is made up of 5-10 icons. An icon can be filled, partially filled, or empty, as seen below:

Event Blocks

On Rate

This block fires when a user enters a rating in the Rating component.



Maximum rating that can be given. Can be an integer between 5 and 10, selected from a drop-down menu.


Select how the Rating component is displayed: as a row (left-right), row-reverse (right-left), column (top-bottom), or column-reverse (bottom-top).

Font Size

Change the size of the icons that make up the Rating component.


Set or get the height of the rating component in pixels.

Icon Margin

Get or change the size of the margin between the icons of the Rating component.


You can select an image from the list available. All of the image options are suitable for any platform. You can preview the image options here.

You can upload your own images to be displayed for filled and empty icons.

Read Only

Toggle whether the user can edit the value displayed on the Rating component. If read-only is true, the value cannot be edited. If read-only is false, the value can be edited.

Rating Background Color

Select the color of an unfilled icon.

Rating Color

Select the color of a filled icon.


Initial value displayed on the Rating component. Can be any number between 0 and the maximum value, including decimals.


Toggle whether your Rating component is visible.


Set or get the width of the rating component. Given in Pixels.


Set or get the horizontal position of the rating component on the screen.


Set or get the vertical position of the rating component on the screen.

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