Since Thunkable's cross platform โœ• allows creators to build one app that works on both Android and iOS devices, most creators who want to distribute and monetize their app with larger audiences will choose to publish in both the App and Play Stores.

The App Store review is typically more rigorous and consequently more time-intensive than the Play Store review--but both stores are continually raising the bar for what can be listed in their stores.

Min requirements

Apple Developer Program account ($100 / year)

Google Play Developer account ($25 one-time fee)

Add'l requirements

Design assets

  • Icon (1024 x 1024 px)

  • iPhone and iPad screenshots

Privacy policy url for all apps

Design assets

  • Icon (512 x 512 px)

  • App screenshots

  • Feature graphic (1024 x 500 px)

Privacy policy (for certain apps that require sensitive information e.g. access to phone camera)

Est. approval time

A few days

A few hours

You may need to create screenshots in different sizes for your app listing. You can learn how to do that here: Generate Screenshots.

Publish to App Store (iOS)Publish to Play Store (Android) with AAB

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