Media DB by Cloudinary

Media DB Overview

Cloudinary Media DB is a service that allows you to store media files in the cloud. Thunkable's Media DB component allows you to send media directly from your Thunkable app to a linked Cloudinary account.

If you use Thunkable's default Cloudinary DB, your files will be deleted after 90 days. Please connect your own Cloudinary DB to your Thunkable project to keep your media safe.

Getting Started

No set up is required but creating your free Cloudinary account is highly recommended. Thunkable provides its own subscription key for your convenience but we strongly recommend creating your own account to ensure privacy for your uploaded media. We also have a current media size limit of 10MB per app and we may periodically clean out our default Cloudinary account

Create a free Cloudinary account

Connect your Cloudinary cloud to Thunkable

To connect your Cloudinary cloud to Thunkable, simply retrieve the following fields from the Cloudinary dashboard: Cloud name, API key, and API secret.

You can add these details to your app in the properties panel of the Media DB component.

Upload Media

You can upload any media file from your phone to your Cloudinary account with the mediaDB component. In this case we do some additional checking with the if do else block to make sure that the user has attached an image and that neither the photo library nor the mediaDB components encounter an error.



Upload (media)

Uploads the image to the Cloudinary cloud. Returns a mediaURL if successful.

Else returns error.

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