Numeric Value

Specify Number

Use this block to specify a number you want to use in your app.


You can also round up or down a decimal figure into an integer using the round block

Round to X Decimal Places

You can also round a number to a selected amount of decimal places

Irrational Numbers

There is also a block for irrational numbers like ฯ€

Analyze Numbers

Returns true or false based on whether the chosen condition applies to the number

Perform Operations

Constrain Number

If the given number is of a lower value than the lower bound, this block will set the given number to have the value of the lower bound.

If the given number is of a higher value than the upper bound, this block will set the given number to have the value of the upper bound.


Perhaps the most often used calculation in an app is addition but this block also supports subtraction, multiplication, division and exponential figures

Get remainder

Returns the remainder when a number is divided by another number.


There are also a few more advanced calculation blocks that may be helpful including trigonometric.

These blocks will return a value assuming the input is given in degrees.

Logarithmic values

Introduce Randomness

For games and other apps, it may be important to introduce randomness into your app.

Random Integer

Returns integer between two given integers. Is inclusive of the given integers.

Random Fraction

Returns a random fraction xx where 0โ‰คx<10 โ‰ค x < 1

Other Ways to add Randomness to Your Project

The Lists blocks also have blocks for selecting random items from a list of values.

See Also

The Lists blocks have a block for getting certain mathematical values from a List, including sum min, max, averages, and standard deviation.

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