Create a List

You can create a list of variable lengths with the blocks below

Empty List

Creates an empty list

List of Specific Items

Allows you to specify what items in what order you want in your list

List of item repeated X Times

Creates a list of a given item repeated a specified number of times.

Make List from Text

This block lets you create a list from text and even lets you set delimiters i.e. ","

You can also use this block to make text from a list with a given delimiter

Sort List

If you are importing a list from a Spreadsheet or other data source, it may be helpful to sort it in your app. You can sort a list alphabetically or numerically, ascending or descending

Analyze List

The following blocks analyze a list in different ways

Length of List

Returns the length of a list.

Is List Empty

Checks if a list is empty. Returns true or false.

Find First/Last Occurrence

Returns the position of the first or last occurrence of an item, where the index of the first item is 1. Returns 0 if the item is not in the list.

Get Sublist

Returns a sub-list of items between two positions in a longer list.

Does List contains Item

Checks if a given list contains a given item. Returns true or false.

Sum, Min, Max, Averages, Standard Deviation, Random Item

Returns the result of the chosen operation on a list of numbers. Returns NaN if the operation cannot be performed on the given list of values.

Select from a List

Items in a list have an index number, the first item is 1, second is 2 and so on. Not only can you select an item from a list by number from the front but also from the back, the first, the last and also a random item. You can but remove it after you have selected it

Modify List

You can change an item in your list with the blocks below

Insert At/Set

This block will either insert an item at the specified location, or set the item at the specified location to the new value.

Remove Item from List

Removes the item at the specified position from a list

Shuffle List

Get a copy of a list with the items shuffled in a random order.

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