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Getting Started

Follow these steps to build your first app!

Step 1. Sign in to Thunkable

Thunkable gives you a variety of ways to create your very own cross platform apps. To learn how to set up a Thunkable account, please read our article on signing in.

Step 2. Check out your Thunkable Projects page

Choose how you want your projects to be laid out. Search and filter your projects.

Step 3. Try Our Tutorials

They exist! They are helpful! Thunkable tutorials cover both basic concepts and advanced features.

Step 4. Download the Thunkable Mobile App

With the Thunkable Live mobile app, you can preview your apps directly on your personal devices. To learn more, please click below.
Click on one of the links below to download the Thunkable mobile app.
If you don't have an iOS or Android device, you can set up an emulator on your computer that will display your apps.

Step 5. Components

We have custom components and third-party integrations that you can drop directly into your projects. These components will allow you to build more advanced features.

Step 6. Blocks

The language of blocks is a visible programming language. By dragging and dropping blocks together, you can program your app.