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You can manage much of your screen navigation through our Top Tab, Bottom Tab, Drawer and Stack navigator components but for simple screen navigation, you can use the very popular block below

If this, do that

Simplest if this, do that condition
In most apps, one event leads to another event if a condition is met. To specify these scenarios, the this, do that block is commonly used with Logic blocks that define the conditions that lead one event to the next.
The if this, do that block can be transformed to support more complex logic
The purple settings button can be used to add additional conditions for events
A truthy value is a value that is considered true when encountered in a Boolean context. All values are truthy unless they are defined as falsy. That is, all values are truthy except false, 0, "", null, undefined, and NaN.
Returns False:
Returns True:


The Test block can be used to return a value based on a given condition. If the condition is true, one value is returned. If the condition is false, a different value is returned.


Wait the specified amount of time before performing the next action.


Repeat a set of blocks for a specified amount of time
Repeat an action for an unlimited period of time
Repeat an action the specified number of times
Repeat an action for a certain amount of times, with the incrementer index i
Repeat an action over every item in a list
Repeats an action while a condition is true
Break out of an existing loop
You can prompt a user to open a page within an app installed on their phone or a URL in their browser using the block above.
Thanks to the development of universal links for iOS and Android app links, you simply need to enter the URL of the webpage for your app to automatically open to the app if it's installed or open the web browser if it is not.
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