Canvas Label

Display text on your Canvas.

The Canvas Label is a piece of text that can be placed onto your Stage.

Adding a Canvas Label to your app

To add a Canvas Label to your app, click on the Stage of your Canvas. This will automatically bring you to the Canvas tab. Underneath your component tree, where you would see a component menu in the Design tab, you will see your Sprite Type menu and a User Interface menu. You can find the Canvas Label in the Unser Interface menu.

You can drag and drop the Canvas Label onto your Stage.

Canvas Label Properties

Text: The Text being displayed on your Canvas Label X: The X-co-ordinate of the top-left pixel of the Canvas Label Y: The Y-co-ordinate of the top-left pixel of the Canvas Label Font Size: The size of the font of the Canvas Label Color: The Color of the text of the Canvas Label Background Color: The color of the background of the Canvas Label Stage Selection: Select a Stage to display the current Canvas Label on

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