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Managing Storage
Tips to get the most from your Thunkable Account
The size of your Thunkable project is generous, but finite. Projects created with free accounts need to be slightly smaller, while PRO subscribers will have a more generous allowance of project storage but in either case you will want to make the most out of every megabyte.

Project Size

You can find a table of project sizes here:

Cloud Storage

Depending on when you need an asset, it might make sense to store it in the cloud instead. Using cloud storage in your app will not have any impact on your local project size. Thunkable provides multiple third-party integrations, including Airtable, Cloudinary, and Firebase.

Refactoring your App

Sometimes there's simply no option left other than to go back through your app and make it more efficient. Some tips for refactoring your app include:
    Reduce block count by creating functionsโ€‹
    Use loops to perform repetitive tasks
    Use generics as much as possible
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