Last updated 26 days ago

A default set of Material Designed colors is available for many of the visible components in your app but the Color Blocks enable you to customize your app to any color your eyes desire

Basic color

This is a basic color block. It has a small square shape and has a color in the middle that represents the color stored internally in this block.

If you click on the color in the middle, a pop-up appears on the screen with a table of 70 colors that you can choose from. Clicking on a new color will change the current color of your basic color block

Create a custom color

There are a number of ways to create color in a digital application from 6-digit HEX codes to Hue-Saturation-Values. On Thunkable, color is created using RGBA, where R is the amount of Red, G is Green, B is Blue and A is the transparency from 0 to 1 with 0 being fully transparent. You can enter just the RGB values and it will default the A value to 1, or fully opaque.

Calculate color

Split color does the opposite of make color. It takes in a color: a color block, variable holding a color, or property from one of the components representing a color and returns a list of the RGB values in that color's RGB code