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The Backpack allows you to carry around blocks throughout your projects, allowing blocks to be transferred between projects and between screens

One of the best secrets of the Thunkable block editor is the Backpack.

The Backpack contents persists across logins. In other words, when you login to Thunkable, you will find the blocks you left from your last session.

Adding to the Backpack

Blocks from the workspace can be dragged and dropped into Backpack. When blocks are dropped into the Backpack, an animation and sound will occur to confirm for the user that the operation was successful.

Emptying the Backpack

Viewing the Backpack Contents

The contents of the Backpack can be viewed by clicking on the its icon (upper right corner of the workspace). A scrollable flyout will pull out from the right edge of the workspace, displaying the Backpack’s contents. The flyout of the Backpack works the same way as the flyouts in the Block drawers.

Pasting Blocks

Blocks can be pasted from the backpack into the current workspace by clicking on the Backpack icon (upper right corner of the workspace) and dragging the block from the flyout to the desired location in the workspace.