Thunkable for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

Are there special requirements to be an iOS developer?

iOS app development has its own unique set of requirements that are distinct from Android. Where possible, Thunkable is making easier for new iOS developers to get started on their first app (compared to hard-core iOS developers)

  • Apple usually requires a MAC device and a free Apple Developer Account to build an iOS app (.ipa). Thunkable is enabling users to download an iOS app to their phone without a MAC or an Apple Developer Program account.

  • Live testing on Thunkable is possible with either:

    • i) a MAC + simulator OR

    • ii) a MAC + iPhone/iPad OR

    • iii) Windows + iPhone/iPad

  • To publish to the App Store, you do have to sign up for the Apple Developer Program membership (currently $99/year)

Aside from supporting apps on different platforms, what are the main differences between Thunkable for iOS and Thunkable for Android?

Thunkable for iOS is built completely new from the ground up on modern infrastructure that should allow users not only to build their best apps for iOS but soon, for both iOS and Android simultaneously.

In terms of app building, here are some of the key differences that are not iOS-specific:

  • App tree is on the left and stays there so that you can more easily follow where you are in an app. This means the component palette only appears when you select "Add component"

  • Some blocks have been streamlined. For example, instead of two separate blocks to start an event and trigger another event when that event is done, those blocks are now combined into one.

  • Navigators - instead of having to hack your way through side and tab menus, we are adding a new component called Navigators that allows users to more easily manage navigating between multiple screens. No longer will you have to use Vertical Arrangements as fake screens either.

  • Downloaded apps get sent to your phone via email (currently from Steve Jeaver) and take 4-5 minutes to build. There is currently a limit of one downloaded app per phone.

  • Publishing your app to the App Store requires an Apple Developer Program membership ($99/year) and follows a special process.


How much does it cost to use Thunkable for iOS?

Thunkable is free to use but we may charge for some additional features in the future.


Does Thunkable build native iOS apps?

Unlike other platforms that produce web, HTML5, or hybrid apps, Thunkable iOS apps are fully native and leverage iPhone and iPad capabilities. Just like Thunkable Android apps do with Android.

Is Thunkable for iOS able to make making standalone apps?

Yes. Unlike other products in the space, Thunkable lets you build standalone apps. Soon, you can download them to your phone and with an Apple Developer Account, publish them to the App Store.

Can I convert my existing Android project into iOS?

No. Some key differences between iOS and Android make one-to-one conversion difficult, if not impossible so we recommend building your iOS apps from scratch.

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