Thunkable for Android

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to use Thunkable for Android?

Thunkable is completely free to use!


Does Thunkable for Android make native, mobile apps?

Unlike other platforms that produce web, HTML5, or hybrid apps, Thunkable Android apps are fully native and leverage the native capabilities of Android phones.

Is Thunkable for Android compatible with MIT App Inventor?

Yes, Thunkable for Android is compatible with MIT App Inventor. You can import your App Inventor projects by following the instructions here. You can also import any extensions compatible with the App Inventor platform into Thunkable.

I heard there is a beta platform for Thunkable. How do I sign up?

The beta features* have all grown up and graduated to the Thunkable for Android platform. As a result, the Thunkable beta platform is retiring on December 31, 2017. If you have any project(s) on the beta platform that you'd like to keep, please follow these instructions to move then over.

*AdMob and Push Notifications

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