Thunkable for Android

Activity Starter

The Activity Starter component lets you combine applications by having one application start up other applications.

To start an application with the Activity Starter, you must supply certain control information to the Android operating system. You do this by setting various properties of Activity Starter before calling the ActivityStarter.StartActivity method.This section gives some examples.

The sample app uses the Activity Starter to open the Facebook and Instagram app if it's installed on a user's device

The Activity Starter can only open another app if it's installed on a user's device

Activity to Start Action Activity Class Activity Package DataURI DataURI Example
Send an email from your default app android.intent.action.VIEW mailto:{emailAddress} mailto:[email protected]
Open Facebook app to a specific page android.intent.action.VIEW fb://facewebmodal/f?href={webUrl} fb://facewebmodal/f?href=
Open Instagram app to a specific page android.intent.action.VIEW{instagramHandle}
Open a link in an external web browser android.intent.action.VIEW
Open an app made on Thunkable{username}.{appname}{username}.{appname}.Screen1

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