Thunkable for Android


The image component displays a variety of image formats. We have heard of some performance issues with .jpegs so if you are having errors, you may want to convert your images to .pngs. We recommend the Web Viewer for displaying animated .gifs

Image Web Viewer
Common use case Display any images but .gifs Display .gifs


Property Description
Picture You can upload an image to your app or reference an image url


Property Description
Height Height in pixels, percent, 'Automatic' or 'Fill'
Width Width in pixels, percent, 'Automatic' or 'Fill'
Scale Picture to Fit If checked, image will retain its height and width ratio
Rotation Angle Clockwise rotation angle between 0 and 360
Animation Motions that can be attached to images. Options are 'ScrollRight', 'ScrollRightSlow', 'ScrollRightFast', 'ScrollLeft', 'ScrollLeftSlow', 'ScrollLeftFast', 'Stop'
Visible If checked, image will be visible on the screen

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