Design Templates

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Almost any design that a modern app developer can make is possible on Thunkable ✕. Below are some of the most popular user interfaces that you may want to incorporate into your app.



If you ever wondered how Stack navigators work in an app, this template called Stackable should give you a good glimpse at what is currently possible. It displays the Header bar that is created as well as a top to bottom model transition that you can set. This template also displays some of our favorite Animations powered by Lottie and the Lottie community. You can actually customize the colors of their animations with their built-in editor.

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User Interface

There is a lot of design that you can do on the Thunkable platform and the User Interface template shows you some of the possibilities. All the visible components are displayed on a screen of their own in as many useful variations as we can think of

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Scrollable Screen

A Scrollable screen can be made by setting Scrollable to true in a Screen or Column and setting the height to Fit contents. Elements within the Screen or Column have to be sized with heights in absolute pixels which together exceed the height of the Screen or Column. For example, an iPhone 6 has a Screen height of 648 px so elements within it will have to collectively exceed that number for the elements to scroll. We also set the minWidth to 100% of the Column in the advanced properties so that the scrolling Column does not move from left to right.

Swipeable Screens

Swipeable screens can be made by dropping Screens within a Tab navigator, setting SwipeEnabled to false in the Tab propeties and setting TabVisible to false in the Screen properties

Branding Screen

A Branding screen can be made setting a Timer to fire after 3000 milliseconds and navigate to the second screen